RCDG Funds Leveraged for Creation of Residential Owned Communities

Co-operative development centers continue to invest time and resources to build economic sustainability across rural America. Supported by USDA’s Rural Cooperative Development Grant (RCDG) program, these co-operative development centers are further leveraging this federal investment through intentional collaboration, resulting in multi-regional development capacity in several different economic sectors. One recent example is the work of RCDG-funded centers with ROC USA™ , a national non-profit that provides certification and financial assistance to successfully convert existing manufactured home communities into resident-owned communities. MORE >>

Cooperstown Senior Housing Cooperative

Cooperstown, North Dakota

The Rural Electric and Telecommunications Development Center Staff worked with the community of Cooperstown to promote a senior housing cooperative. The plans are for five units with the potential to expand to ten units with more community space. MORE >>

Green Pastures Senior Cooperative

Green Pastures residents vote to support cooperative, May 2008Green Pastures residents vote to support cooperative, May 2008
Redmond, Oregon
A project of: Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Diane Gasaway, diane@nwcdc.coop

Northwest Cooperative Development Center (NWCD) provided mentoring, coaching, and finally development assistance to help residents of a Senior Mobile Home Park problem solve the potential sale of the community. As a result, members of the Steering Committee of Green Pastures in Redmond, Oregon voted to take the next step towards ownership of their manufactured home community to establish Green Pastures Senior Cooperative. MORE >>