Health Care

Workers Invest Sweat Equity

The Big Island of Hawaii & Bellingham, WA
A project of: Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Diane Gaseway,

The Northwest Cooperative Development Center (NWCDC) focuses on cooperative sectors relevant to our geographic region, including: conversion of manufactured home parks to co-ops, natural resources, worker co-ops, and local food systems. Rural communities, once dependent on agrarian economies such as farming, forestry, and mining, are once again exploring the cooperative business model as an innovative way to gain economies of scale and spread risk in the establishment of new businesses.

Two examples NWCDC has been working with are Paradise Home Care Co-op on the Big Island of Hawaii and Circle of Life in Bellingham, WA. They are groups of home care workers who’ve invested sweat equity and capital for the past five years to lay the foundation of their businesses. MORE >>

Wilson Health Planning Collaborative

Dr. Herb Wilson, 87, speaks about his dream of quality, affordable health careDr. Herb Wilson, 87, speaks about his dream of quality, affordable health care
Rural North Dakota

Bill Patrie,

Bill Patrie at Common Enterprise Development Corporation’s North Dakota office continue to lead the efforts of the Wilson Health Planning Collaborative. Created in 2006 to develop a comprehensive and integrated health system plan in rural North Dakota, the project covers an 11-county area that includes the entire Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. MORE >>