Educational Services

Professional Development Training

This highly successful training course provides critical instruction in all aspects of cooperative development to new practitioners in the field. Three weeks of training sessions address the legal, business and organizational aspects specific to cooperatives. Those who complete the course can support a cooperative development project from inception through feasibility analysis, incorporation, business planning, membership development and start-up. Participants may enroll in individual sessions. Registration is open to anyone interested in cooperative development.

Those that participate in the professional training can receive a CW membership discount! Membership applicants who have participated in two week-long CW professional development training sessions are entitled to pay only $100 for the first year of their individual memberships.


CW organizes conference calls, regional discussions and meetings to increase member center capacity and build productive linkages that help centers benefit the communities they serve.

Joint Ventures

Members collaborate on funding sources and business strategies for new ventures that replicate, on a national scale, strategies that have proven effective in one state or region. CW centers have facilitated multi-state cooperative business development in livestock, natural foods, cooperative housing and sustainable forestry.

Cooperative Development Funding Opportunities and Resources

CW members share information about potential funding sources for Cooperative Development Services. In an effort to more fully recognize federal sources of funding, Cooperation Works partnered with the National Cooperative Business Association to identify potential sources offered through the United States Department of Agriculture.

Members can view a list of funding sources when logged into the site