Join CooperationWorks!

CooperationWorks! (CW) is a dynamic and innovative organization! CW is a national service cooperative that provides cooperative development training and education and a national forum to promote cooperative principles.

Membership in CW unites cooperative development centers, partner organizations and individual cooperative development service providers across the United States. And, by uniting, we strengthen the profession and help people better their lives through cooperative ownership.

Membership in CW is open to institutions and individuals engaged in or supportive of cooperative development. CW offers two types of membership to accommodate both cooperative development centers, other organizations, and individual members.

CooperationWorks! members agree to adhere to the Madison Principles in their capacity as cooperative developers

Member Benefits
• National Network of Cooperative Development Professionals: CW brings together cooperative developers from across the US through online listservs and webinars, conference calls, and in-person meetings and gatherings on topics of mutual interest as well as member-initiated ideas and questions.
• Professional Development Training: CW provides excellent learning opportunities through nationally recognized week-long in-person sessions, on-line programs, and other methods. Learn from experienced veterans and a broad curriculum that includes fundamentals, best practices, and innovative approaches to cooperative development.
• Advocacy: CW works with government agencies and elected officials nationally and locally to communicate the economic and social benefits of cooperatives. CW members are kept aware of government programs that affect cooperative development.